• Elimu Solutions Tanzania Limited is organizing an open and unique platform for quality and informative interaction that will ultimately propagate a solution finding mission to education development in Tanzania.

    The much anticipated TANZANIA ELIMU EXPO 2013 is expected to provide a rare opportunity for students and parents to interact and connect freely with publishers, academicians and owners of schools and education institutions from around the world.
  • Tanzania Elimu Expo 2013
  • Aug 30th - Sept 1st • Dar es Salaam
  • Sept 20th - Sept 22nd • Mbeya

  • This year's prestigious event is coined around the theme 'Quality Education is our Children's Destiny, Lets Shape it Together!'

  • We expect over a 100 exhibitors representing all sectors of the economy; as well as 50,000 plus visitors in three packed days.
  • Why Elimu Expo 2013?
  • Tanzania has not had a clear strategy on education development for over 3 decades now.
      • Parents are stranded, not knowing where to take their children for quality education.
      • Education suppliers have not been exposed to their target market.
      • Authors and publishers are yet to find a full scale sale of their quality products.
      • Educational institutions across Africa need a one‐stop‐shop for on‐spot admissions.
      • Over and above, We are far much behind in terms of competitiveness as compared to the rest of the world.

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ELIMU Solutions (T) Limited is a socially driven platform coined around motivating quality exchange of informative and educative dialogue that is central to the promotion of education levels in Tanzania.

Linking all semantic educational resources with growing technological infrastructure was a common course as founders sought to exploit the emerging trends in information systems and communication services towards building an enriched knowledge society.

Elimu Solutions seeks to propagate access to and effective participation of the community in educational matters. We are committed to promote a common agenda where authors and learners share a common ground towards building an informed society.

Working with all types of educational establishments including schools, colleges and universities in Tanzania, we are committed to improve performance by adapting solutions that meet the unique social and cultural requirements.

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